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Inspired by the PASS SUMMIT, this virtual chapter is about finding a way for DBAs and BI professionals to network virtually in Hebrew language.

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Sun, Jun 08 2014 17:30 UTC

Geri Reshef: Service Broker and asynchronous programming

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Session Description: Service Broker can be applied in various areas, whereas one of the most interesant is its ability to execute procedures asynchronously, and without it - it would has been applied in less efficient, elegant and flexible manners.
The lecture would be focused in this ability, and in other abilities of the tool, the different object it includes; and could serve as an introduction to applying the tool.

Service Broker  ותכנות אסינכרוני ב-TSQL

ל-Service Broker יש ישומים רבים, כשאחד המעניינים ביותר הוא היכולת להריץ פרוצדורות באופן אסינכרוני; ואשר בלעדיו זה היה מתבצע בדרכים הרבה פחות יעילות, אלגנטיות וגמישות.

ההרצאה תתמקד ביכולת זו וביכולות אחרות של הכלי, באובייקטים השונים הכלולים בו, ויכולה לשמש כמבוא לשימוש בכלי



Speaker Bio: Geri Reshef is a DBA and a database developer, working with Microsoft environments for the last 20 years. He is a Microsoft MVP since 2013.

Geri is an expert in TSQL, Windows Functions complex SQL queries and Index fine tuning. Geri is employed by Naya (DB consulting company) in EToro (social investments).

Geri Reshef has published hundreds of posts in his blog ( for the last 6 years.