The Global Hebrew Virtual Chapter is an online gathering place for SQL Server DBAs and Business Intelligence professionals to discuss all things SQL Server in Hebrew language.

Inspired by the PASS SUMMIT, this virtual chapter is about finding a way for DBAs and BI professionals to network virtually in Hebrew language.

All sessions are being recorded and can be found here

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Mon, Sep 21 2015 15:00 UTC

Eitan Lipovetskey : The Audit features in SQL Server

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Eitan Lipovetskey


Eitan Lipovetskey has been working in Naya since 2010 and now he is a DBA in eToro - the social investment network. He specializes in in applicative tasks, and has a B-Science degree in software engineering and industrial management.

The Audit features in SQL Server


• What is Audit ?
• Server Audit
• Server Audit Specification
• Database Audit Specification
• Demo’s