The Global Hebrew Virtual Chapter is an online gathering place for SQL Server DBAs and Business Intelligence professionals to discuss all things SQL Server in Hebrew language.

Inspired by the PASS SUMMIT 2013, this virtual chapter is about finding a way for DBAs and BI professionals to network virtually in Hebrew language.

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Mon, Dec 22 2014 17:30 (UTC+02:00) Jerusalem

Michelle Gutzait: Master Data Services and DQS



Michelle Gutzait.

SQL Server Principal Consultant at Pythian.


Involved in IT for over 25 years as a developer, business analyst and database consultant. Worked exclusively with Microsoft SQL Server for the past 15+ years, consulting for many and diverse clients. 
As a consultant, also familiar with a variety of languages, tools and environments. A business-oriented consultant with a high-level vision.
Also writing technical articles in the SearchSqlServer, MSSQLTips and WEB sites.

Master Data Services and DQS


This session discusses Master Data Services (MDS) and Data Quality Services (DQS) and the integration of the two for cleansing and storing centralized data in your organization.

When you have many systems or applications in your organizations such as: CRM, ERP and others, you probably have some entities shared between those systems, such as: customers and products. It is often important to keep a central repository with "one version of the truth" for each entity. This repository can be used for different purposes such as reporting and data analysis, also to populate a datawarehouse. However, there are few challenges here: how do we ensure that an entity is identified no matter which data source it's coming from? How do we handle exceptions ? How do we "clean" the data and teach the system how to try and fix new exceptions based on past "cleansing" ? And more!