The Global Hebrew Virtual Chapter is an online gathering place for SQL Server DBAs and Business Intelligence professionals to discuss all things SQL Server in Hebrew language.

Inspired by the PASS SUMMIT, this virtual chapter is about finding a way for DBAs and BI professionals to network virtually in Hebrew language.

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Mon, Jul 20 2015 15:00 UTC

David Itzhak: Practical SQL 2014 Data Mining and introduction to R

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David Izhak

David Izhak has over 18 years experience with SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase and Sybase Anywhere. He is an applicative & infrastructure DBA for relational and Nosql solutions (MongoDB).
David is a specialist in HA and DRP solutions, tuning, data mining, security, High Performance Computing, replication (Oracle & SQL Server), BI infrastructure and system engineering. He presents in Oracle open world, Oracle ILOUG, SQL Server forums and Microsoft BI forums, written a dozen of professional articles in SQL server Magazines, and iloug and is an Israel ORACLE ILOUG DBA north forum administrator.

Practical SQL 2014 Data Mining and introduction to R

Microsoft have acquired Revolution Analytics in order to help customers to find their "Big Data" value. Revolution Analytics is the leading commercial provider of software and services for R, the world’s most widely used programming language for statistical computing and predictive analytics. R will be integrated to SQL 2016 BI. I will give introduction to R and the advantages it gives to Microsoft Data Mining. 

• An introduction to data mining 

• SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) Installations 

• Demo : Creating a data mining solution with Microsoft association rules  

• DEMO : Decision Trees example- In short 

• Prediction with MDX queries , No need to know the syntax . 

• Identifying Data Patterns – Predictive Models in SSAS